Link Text File Now Playing to Visual Radio

To automate Visual Radio now playing content and output players with your local text files you can easily link them in the AutomationLink:

Add your text files in the AutomationLink Connection settings
Provide the path to watch for changes, VRA will automatically read the updated contents of the file when the file has changed.
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File Role

There are 4 different roles you can assign to your text file content/data:
  • Music: parsed data will be used as currently playing music
  • Regular: parsed data will be used as regular currently playing music
  • Upcoming: parsed data will be used as the upcoming track
  • History: parsed data will be used as the last playing track

Delimiter and format

The Delimiter determines how to parse the contents of the text file.
The Artist, Title, Typeidentifier Format will also provide VRA with data about the type of the item that is playing.