Map Output Player Devices

Create your Output Player(s) first via the Output EditorOutput Editor before continuing with the mapping
VRA Cloud Provides an Output Mapper to map your Players (rundowns playing your content) to an available output (NDI or SDI). This mapping process is familiar for people that have used the Dante Audio Controller mapping software.
  1. Follow your Output planning and decide where and how to implement your Output Players
  1. Enable the correct Output to NDI- and Output to SDI- mappings to start the players
  1. NDI: Open your playout/video software and browse to the initialized NDI Source containing VRA-{output-name}
    1. Use your Output Player as Input or Overlay in vMixUse your Output Player as Input in OBS
  1. SDI: Route the signal from your DeckLink Video card to a target like an ATEM Switcher, SDI Monitor or another viewer to verify your working SDI source.
Tip Start with a single test Output containing an sample Visual or videofile you can use to verify the player functionality.

Mapping from Output Matrix Decklink to SDI Out

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Follow this guide on preparing your Decklink Setup for VRA Output Players
How to map the Blackmagic Decklink Quad2 to be 8 channels | vMix
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Example Output Player Settings with several mappings

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