Advanced Installation

Only proceed with caution. These advanced steps can break communication between VRA Server Clients
Manual Update ProcessManual Update Process

Local Certificate Bundle

Download Bundle
Install CA and Server Core certificates on your machine

Add VRA Server Core to your hosts file

On your Core Machine, follow the steps for your OS:

Mac OS

sudo echo ' core.vra.local' >> /etc/hosts # optional sudo echo ' {studio_name}.core.vra.local' >> /etc/hosts


# Open your Hosts file # WIN + R > %systemroot%/system32/drivers/etc # File > Open Powershell|CMD as Administrator #. Type "notepad hosts" + ENTER # Add following lines and save core.vra.local # optional {studio_name}.core.vra.local
(replace {studio_name} with your studio name)
Go to your Core Settings and adjust the Host to the configured host above.