Use your Output Player as Input in OBS

After you’ve set-up your Output Player in Cloud (Map Output Player DevicesMap Output Player Devices) you are ready to use it in your OBS video streaming software.

Map to a NDI Channel

From the Map Output Player DevicesMap Output Player Devices documentation you should route your fresh output to a NDI source by creating a mapping in the matrix.

Check your Core and Output Player state

Make sure your Visual Radio machine is playing the Output on the mapped NDI source. Your Output Player Control page then shows the live player of your Output.

Prepare OBS

Install the NDI 5 Runtime and OBS NDI Plugins (link below), to prepare OBS for using NDI as a source.

Restart & Go

Restart OBS and add a new NDI source. The list contains the available NDI sources on the network, where you could find the new Output player to select.