Link Radio Automation

The AutomationLink makes sure the data from your current Radio Automation rundown is always available in-live-sync within VRA. Learn how to link your Radio Automation software.

Connect your radio automation software

Link Power Studio to Visual RadioLink AerOn Studio to Visual RadioLink mAirList to Visual RadioLink Zenon Media to Visual RadioLink Text File Now Playing to Visual Radio
Link OmniPlayer to Visual RadioUse OmniPlayer Video Files with Visual RadioLink Caliope OnAir to Visual RadioLink Audisi GML to Visual RadioLink ProppFrexx ONAIR to Visual RadioLink PlayIt Live data to Visual Radio
After linking your automation to provide VRA with all your radio-playing data, you can integrate it further in Cloud via Music Track Meta and Item Groups

Radio Automation Software developer, and not listed or deliver extra data? Check out our generic and custom integration docs to link your software to Visual Radio: