Link Power Studio to Visual Radio

To automate Visual Radio with Power Studio you can easily link it to your VRA set-up by following these simple 3 steps:

  1. Open Options and Settings in Power Studio
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  1. Go to the Plugins section in Options and Settings.
    1. Select the VisualRadioAssist Link Plugin, Enable it and click on Configure.
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  1. Go to VRA Cloud Advanced Studio Settings. Add the Power Studio Automation
    1. VisualRadioAssist
      Generate the Automation Dump URL
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      Copy the URL and make sure to verify the host IP / name in the URL.
  1. Configure the Power Studio plugin to send data to the Dump URL.
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You can even determine how many upcoming rundown-items VRA should process (by default 5).

Filter Multiple instances

It is also possible to filter for a specific Power Studio Machine identifier (if specified), to connect multiple Power Studio instances to your Visual Radio set-up.

Data Support

Power Studio belongs to the most advanced radio automation data integrations of VRA, providing millisecond accuracy time data:
Content Type (ID + string)
Configure your Item Groups to categorize your radio data.