Link AerOn Studio to Visual Radio

To automate Visual Radio with AerOn Studio you can easily link it to your set-up by following the configuration guide in the AutomationLink installation.


  1. Go to your AutomationLink Settings in the Advanced Studio Settings
    1. VisualRadioAssist
      Add the AerOn Automation
  1. Download the zip containing the template bundle:
  1. Extract the ZIP in a location where both AerOn and the VRA Core application could read/write to it (for example an UNC path).


To configure the integration with VisualRadioAssist in Aeron Studio, make sure to set-up the correct template and export file.
  1. Open menu Tools -> Instellingen, select tab 'Export HTML/XML/Tekst' in 'Automatisering'
  1. Create a new export with the following details:
    1. Bronsjabloom: {template directoy}\VRA_SJABLOOM.txt
      Doelbestand:Β C:\
  1. Continue on the VRA Core Machine, copy the path containing the VRA_EXPORT.xml
  1. Test that the path is accessible (for example by running WIN+R and pasting the path)
  1. Paste the path within VRA Cloud Automation entry you’ve added in the preparation step 1.
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