VisualRadioAssist is fully configurable from your Cloud environment. After completing the onboarding and running the Core, Audio Manager and Output Player applications on your Visual Radio Machine, you can start configuring your set-up.

Steps to set-up VRA apps

Video Switcher ConfigurationVideo Switcher ConfigurationMap Output Player DevicesMap Output Player DevicesLink Radio AutomationLink Radio AutomationConfigure available Audio Device InputsConfigure available Audio Device InputsConnect PTZ Camera’sConnect PTZ Camera’s


Local Application overview – ⬇️ Download Apps
Local Application overview – ⬇️ Download Apps
πŸŽ›Β Core: Links with VideoSwitchers, Automations and Scheduling.
⏯️ Output Player: Plays configured Outputs with local video, HTML or cached content (possibly sharded, as configured in a redundant environment)
πŸŽ™οΈ Audio Manager: Audio Level monitoring and commando control, has to access available and configured audio devices.