Automate changing between cameras of different DJs and program makers.

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The settings for the MICAssist are available in the Control Panel. You can see a slowmotion live view of all settings of the different MICAssists. An activated MICAssist is marked red.

How does MICAssist work?

MicAssist executes triggers automatically, based on sounds and thresholds. When a MICAssist Items is activated, the linked TriggerItem is getting activated. When the Item is inactive and all other MICAssist Items are also inactive, the trigger shifts down to the active trigger (in most cases, the Fallback Trigger).

General Settings

MicAssist consists of two general settings that apply to every MicAssist Item: Sensitivity and Talktime.


Choose between 1 and 10 the ‘sensitiveness for sound’ of the VisualRadioAssist Server. If you pick 1, the screen only switches with hard sound and 10 switches at every small peak above the threshold of a MICAssist Item.


Talktime means the degree of aggressiveness at the moment the sound is below the threshold level. A short time span (min. 1000 ms / 1 sec) means that after 1 second of silence VisualRadioAssist will switch back to the active trigger. A longer Talktime will extend the time of switching back to the active trigger. It’s even possible that switching back will not occur, because of the number of sound the person/MIC produces.

MICAssist Item Properties

Identificate MICAssist, by using “MIC-DJ” or “MIC-COHOST”.
| Sound card | Choose from one of the differend sound cards at the VisualRadioAssist Server.
MICAssist audiomanagement
](/{{version}}/server/micassist) | | Threshold | Noise level which triggers the MicAssist Item / the Trigger. The speed of this action depends on the general MICAssist Sensitivity settings. | | Strengthening | If you don’t produce enough sound while talking in the microphone, use the strengthening to adjust the level of sound. | | TriggerItem | If the MICAssist Item is actived, the TriggerItem gets triggered. Hereby, for an example, the ContentAssist Visual could be triggered and thus, the camera that points to the microphone of a MIC/DJ/COHOST, becomes visible. |
Bold values could be edited in the Control Panel for each created MICAssist Item. These Items are created initially at the VisualRadioAssist Server.