VisualRadioAssist Server manages all audio channels for the MicAssist that Windows enables. All available audio channels can be found in Settings -> MicAssist -> Audio Management.

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Audio management

MICAssist Item

If you go to Software Settings -> MICAssist, you are able to create a MICAssist Item and connect it to your sound card. Look at the Control Panel MICAssist documentatie what the different properties actually mean.
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Create a MICAssist Item

Number of channels sound card

Are there only 2 different recording channels available in Windows? In case these are stereo channels, you could consider them as 4 different MICAssist audio channels.
When creating or editing a MICAssist in the Server Software you create the β€˜L’ or β€˜R’ instead of β€˜Stereo’. If you do this, you can use one sound card as an audio channel for two different MICAssist Items.