Control Panel

The Automationlink is able to activate the ItemAssist. Because of this, the news, weather forecast or traffic is getting visualized for the audience.

ItemAssist overview

Manage all created ItemAssist Items in the Control Panel. Items that are marked red are Live.

ItemAssist Editor

ItemAssist Item

Een ItemAssist Item always consists of the following properties:

Property Description
Name Identification of the ItemAssist Item.
TriggerItem Trigger that is getting activated when the ItemAssist becomes active.
Trigger Trigger triggers the ItemAssist: AutomationLink, file or date.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Limited After triggering the TriggerItem, the ItemAssists stays activated between 1 and 120 seconds.
In this way, this becomes the new Fallback. The NPClipAssists pauses with swithcing the video clip.
Unlimited The TriggerItem gets triggered. In this way, Instantly other triggers get triggered.



Trigger when the entered value of the AutomationLink current-track data has been changed.


Trigger when a local file (at the VisualRadioAssist server) has been changed or the text has been changed to the entered value.


Trigger according to a specific time (schedule). For an example, every hour of every day. To link specific time (schedules) to triggers, look at ScheduleAssist

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