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The ContentAssist Visual Designer provides an easy and user-friendly experience with the Photoshop module to create Visual Radio content.

ContentAssist overview


Property Description
Name Identification of the Visual. Synchronisatie Active synchronization: when creating and saving a Visual, a scene has been created automatically in OBS with the right sources.
Server The Visual could be visible at the chosen Server and uses all data (AutomationLink, NPCoverAssist and Sources) that belong to this Server.


The VisualDesigner gives the opportunity to compile content of your Visual, based on different elements.


One of the most important goals you want to achieve with the Visuals is informing and engaging the viewer using specific text. Therefore, we created Text Element. You can add text easily that connects to different modules and makes them available. Every Text Element has its own style, color and functionalities. A Text Element consists of one of more Sub Elements:

Sub Element Description
Raw Simple text
Date/time Pick a date/time format and enter the current time.
RSS Load a RSS feed
URL Load the raw text content of an URL. For an exmaple, a text file of your own website.
AutomationLink Link your current or upcoming track to the AutomationLink track data (Title, Artist, other inputs of your radio automation).

| ScheduleAssist | Link to your LIVE-program consisting of information about the program and program makers. |


Upload media to your ContentAssist overview. The next step is to add these media in the Visual.


Add an element to fill up the background with a color of your choice.


Show the NPCover image of the playing track or the 4 upcoming track(s).


Link a PiP (Picture-in-Picture) directly to another Visual that you created before. This is useful when you create a Ticker Visual with a long text file and you want to put this long text file in every Visual. To make this happen, you choose the "Ticker" Visual and create the element with the size of the main Visual (using the "filling" button).

Source OBS-only

Use a hardware Source of OBS. Examples of a hardware Source:

  • Connected camera
  • Large OBS Media Source (used for .mov videos)
  • Specific Audio Sources

When adding the element to a Visual, select one of the available Sources. The Source Element is marked as a transparaent red screen within the VisualDesigner. In the Visual Output the element is invisible and will be overwriten automatically by the Source of OBS.

{info} For server/systeembeheerders:
Create a new Source within OBS with the name SOURCES.

Your element

Do you still miss an element you would like to use in the Visual Designer? Let us know via


Create a frame of another website that you want to show directly 1:1 in your Visual. More information about iFrames


A visual consists of multiple layers. Every layer consists of an element. You can move the layers up/down to determine which elements should be visible.

{info} Tutorial is coming soon... Still fire burning questions about this part of the software? [Please, get in touch with us.] (/3.0-EN/support/contact)

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