Play your video clips in VisualRadioAssist.

This guide teaches you how a video clip that belongs to a song could be played automatically.


5 Steps to play video clips automatically

  1. In the "NowPlayingClipAssistFree" you can select video clips.
  2. At the right side of the screen it is possible to select tracks from the queu or look up tracks from the central database.
  3. The queue gives an overview of all video clips that have not been assessed yet.
  4. If you want to run video clips synchronously with the song that is playing, you can select a video clip from the queu and set up an offset. Does the video clip not meet the requirements? Click at Not suitable.
  5. If you whitelist a video clip, the video clip will transfer to the local database instead of the central database. This is useful when you want to add a local video clip to the database.

4 Steps to create a NPClipAssist Trigger

  1. Create a new Visual - this will show the NPClipAssist player.
  2. Add a "Source" element that inside OBS the NPClipAssist player shows in the browser mode. It is useful to add a text element on top of this layer. You can add the Automationlink Title/Artist information to give a proper overview what is actually on the screen.
  3. Save the Visual.
  4. Select the - just created - Visual Trigger as a Trigger for the NPClipAssist. You could do this in the Server Software Settings -> NPClipAssist. This gets triggered automatically when the video clip is valid.

Frequently Asked Questions - playing video clips.

How many video clips are located in the central database?

Currently, we already have more than 35.000 video clips in the central database. More than 15.000 video clips are actually suitable to play.

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