The Webserver takes care of fast data transfer within VisualRadioAssist from inside to outside and vice versa. This “server” within the server software is available through the entire network, which makes it possible to use the Webserver for a lot of different purposes.


The Webserver of VisualRadioAssist Server is through the entire network available at gate: 8055. This means that you can make a call on the Webserver on both http://localhost:8055/ as the local network IP address (LAN) (f.e. http://192.168.30.xxx:8055)


The WebServer is used intensively within the VisualRadioAssist Server for the NPClipAssist and the AutomationLink.

NPClipAssist Free

The NPClipAssist Free player is at all times showed at endpoint npclipassist


Different (VRA - compatible) radio automations are able to work with POST-en of nowplaying data. Within the VisualRadioAssist Server Settings, there are small instructions to set up different integrations for the AutomationLinks. The Webserver connection is at all times served at endpoint /automationlink/{radioautomatisering}
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Example integration of automation mAirlist with VisualRadioAssist WebServer