The Triggering module takes care of all triggers within the VisualRadioAssist sofware.

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A “Trigger” in VisualRadioAssist: an action that causes a Stream/Output/Image on Visual Radio that fits the relevant trigger. For an example:
  • Camera shot of someone that talks On-Air.
  • Globe when the News is playing.
  • Radio station logo or live program name.
The VisualRadioAssist Trigger provides a connection and link between the functionalities of modules and actually imaging them on the screen.

Use of Triggers

A Trigger or TriggerItem is connectable to a module. You can instruct the module to activate a Trigger.

Trigger Types

There are different types of Triggers in VisualRadioAssist:
A link to an action within the software, that normally, is reachable in a one-mouse-click.
Start automatically multiple Triggers with short breaks in between. book TriggerPreset
A Scene that is directly from the Streamingsoftware OBS.It is possibly a customized image from the Streamingsoftware that you want to use in VisualRadioAssist.
ContentAssist Visual
A direct trigger of the ContentAssist Visual, that is created by the ContentAssist module.


Active Trigger
Trigger the module that is activated during triggering. For an example, this could be the MICAssist Item when a DJ is talking On-Air or the NPCLIPAssist when an AutomationLink track just started with a corresponding video clip.
Fallback Trigger
Link to the Fallback Trigger.
Lock Current Trigger
Lock the Trigger that is currently activated. In this way, you make sure that the modules do not affect anything that is triggered.
Go Onair
Go On-Air with the StreamAssist Module
Go Offair
Go Off-Air with the StreamAssist Module
There is a chance that macros are not available anymore or do not work properply in your VisualRadioAssit, because the current license do not support the specific module.

Fallback Trigger

In the Triggering module you can set up a general Fallback Trigger. This Trigger will serve as a “Fallback” when there are no other modules activated. The general Fallback Trigger can be overwritten when there is a program Live that consists of a specific Fallback Trigger. For more explanation of this situation, read ContentAssist Documentatie

Min. Fallback Time

The minimum Fallback Time is a controller for the degree of aggressiveness within the links of VisualRadioAssist. If you shift down a lot to the current Fallback Trigger, we recommend to increase this value. In this way, VisualRadioAssist skips all quick links in the meanwhile.
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