Server Troubleshooting

It could occur that VisualRadioAssist Server does not work as expected. In most cases, the information below will help you to get everything up and running quickly.

Could not login?

If VisualRadioAssist Server starts with a prompt that asks for login credentials over and over again, it’s most of the times a matter of a clean install. To forcely install a clean version of VisualRadioAssist Server download the most recent installer version via your dashboard Server page 1. Start the installer and click “Remove VisualRadioAssist”* 2. After the removal is complete start the installer again to make a clean install of VisualRadioAssist Server.
  • VisualRadioAssist Server’ settings will be persisted.

Is your stream on the screen (output) stuck?

If VisualRadioAssist does not receive any triggers, Automationlink does not receive information from the radio automation or the MICAssist does not receive sound anymore. Because of this, VisualRadioAssist does not provide an output. To solve this, try to check the modules and check how your Triggers are received and carried on. Also, the Logging in the Server Software Settings could help to solve this problem.

The latest artist/title in a ContentAssist Visual is not the right NowPlaying.

Automationlink does not receive data anymore from the radio automation. Check the integration and look for errors via Server Software Settings -> AutomationLink and check again the logging for errors in the AutomationLink.