Server management

At all times there is running a local Server software for VisualRadioAssist. If you want to know this actual status, you can check it out in the Control Panel. If you are, by any chance, a system administrator, just look at the documentation of the Server Software that runs locally.

{info} Only radio station managers have access to the Server management in the Control Panel of VisualRadioAssist.


Een VisualRadioAssist Server kan in twee verschillende statussen verkeren:
The software is active to process all triggers and to listen to all different modules.
The software is inactive and does not process the triggers and/or updates anymore.*
It is possible in the Server management to activate and de-active the server manually. You can do this to make fully sure the server is always be in the right status.
  • _StreamAssist module shall remain the stream status of before the moment of de-activating. Thus, streaming to multiple channels should continue possibly.
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Server management in Control Panel