ScheduleAssist Guide

Schedule all your programs in VisualRadioAssist.

This guide teaches you how to save time with scheduled programs.

7 Steps to schedule programs

  1. Create a โ€œNew programโ€ via ScheduleAssist in Control Panel.
  1. Create a title and description for your program.
  1. Choose which Trigger should be used during the program as a Fallback Trigger (?).
  1. Pick a starttime and end time for your program.
  1. You are able to repeat your program on your preffered days. This is possible on a daily or a weekly basis.
  1. Check the advanced settings and save your program.
  1. In the calendar you see an overview of all created programs.

Set up Fallback Program

To provide program information when no program is live, (for an example during Nonstop programs), you can create a fallback program in the ScheduleAssist. How?
  1. Scroll to Settings
  1. Click on the fallback program
  1. Enter the program information
  1. There is no need to enter a time or repetition, because VisualRadioAssist schedules automatically a fallback program when there is no other program live.
{info} Do you want to know more about scheduling programs? Read the technical documentation

Frequently Asked Questions - scheduling programs

Should I enter every Nonstop program seperately between all other live programs?

No, for this reason you can benefit from the fallback program.

I do not want to trigger microphones when there is no live program. Is this possible?

Yes, it is! Turn off the MICAssist module in the advanced settings of the Fallback Program.

I want to cancel my program just before it starts, but I do not want to delete this. How should I do this?

Change the program in โ€œnon-activeโ€. Uncheck the button at the top of the program settings page.