Link Radio Automation

Connect your radio automation to VisualRadioAssist!
This guide teaches you how to connect easily a radio automation to VisualRadioAssist. Examples of radio automations are Omniplayer, Zenlex, Proppfrexx, mAirlist and Aeron.


How to connect a radio automation?

In order to connect a radio automation to VisualRadioAssist, look at automations, go to the server software -> Settings -> AutomationLink. Choose the automation you use. For the automations below, watch the video.


Connecting MusicID’s

In order to inform VisualRadioAssist about the music you are playing (to manage NPCoverAssist and NPClipAssist), it is really important to add MusicIDs within the software. How should you do that? 1. Go in the server software to Settings -> AutomationLink 2. Click on “Add” within the MusicID window. 3. Choose the “input field” that should know from your automation whether an Item is meant for music. 4. Enter the value that the input field should consist to recognize this as a valid Music item. 5. Choose which modules could be triggered when there is an item with a valid MusicID.

Quickly want to do a test with the AutomationLink? Create a MusicID that accepts all values! (***)

{info} Do you want to know more about connecting automations? Read the technical documentation

FAQ - Connecting radio automations

Help! There is no connection between VisualRadioAssist and my radio automation. What should I do?

At this page we made an overview of all our created radio automations. Have you still not found your radio automation? Please, let us know. You can send us an e-mail to