The ContentAssist module manages dynamic content on your livestream. At the Control Panel you are able to change Visuals easily, connect content from different modules and group all visuals per program (Labels).
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Content (images, text, logos, cameras etc.) can be placed in a Visual. Then, this Visual becomes available within VisualRadioAssist as a TriggerItem. At this point, you are ready to connect this TriggerItem to different modules (MICAssist, ItemAssist etc.).
For an example: you are able to connect a text with an image to a module. To realise this you create a Visual with the Visual Designer. In this way, you fill up this Visual with ‘Visual content’.
Every Visual has an output URL upon which the Visual Output is visible. This Output URL can, for an example, be used manually in the StreamingSoftware as a “Browser” source in a Scene or Overlay. Visit the Output URL of your created Visual and view the result!
For more information, look at the this page for documentation about the Visual Designer.
## CSS Style Editor
The CSS Editor of the ContentAssist helps you to edit every (part of the) Visual. Simple CSS allows you to edit for an example the font style. A Webdesigner or webdeveloper who is responsible for your website can support you while using the ContentAssist CSS Style. Multiple classes can be used: .h1,.h2,.h3,h4,.h5,.h6,.{text_custom_class} body = #ContentAssistOutput. In order to create the best result, use ‘em’ (no px, rem)