Connect every radio automation with different modules from the software. For instance, mAirList can be linked via our AutomationLink to the ItemAssist, the ClipAssist or the NPCoverAssist.

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The AutomationLink provides a strong connection with NowPlaying information by linking your radio automation. With most radio automations VisualRadioAssist knows in advance which 5 tracks are coming up.
In the Control Panel the current view of the Automation Link is visible with the loaded data of VisualRadioAssist. These data can be used for the following purposes:
Loading the album cover image that fits the playing track.
NPClipAssist Free
Loading and synchronizing the video clip that fits the playing track.
Trigger, based on input (title, artist etc.) of the loading track.
Visual: use the NPCoverAssist image or title/artist/custom input for the current or future track, and apply filters.