VRA 3.x

This is the copy of the old documentation and guides of VisualRadioAssist version 3, as first released in 2019, end-of-support July 2023 and End-of-Life december 2023. Links might be broken, please rely on the sidebar navigation.

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Link Radio AutomationConnect StreamingsoftwareNPClipAssist (discontinued)MICAssistScheduleAssist GuideMICAssistItemAssist


Module OverviewAutomationLinkMICAssistContentAssistDesignerStreamAssistTriggeringTriggerPresetScheduleAssistItemAssistLicense


Server managementInstallationIntegrationsSoftwareWebserverServer TroubleshootingOBS LinkStreamAssist

Just starting with VisualRadioAssist?

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VisualRadioAssist is the perfect Visual Radio solution for every radio professional. We provide an online Control Panel and a local installed
that provides the modules, as described below:
Connect every radio automation. Play information with these modules:
  • ItemAssist Switch to specific scenes, based on a text file.
Switch your screen based on the sound of your microphone, so that the right presenter is visible during the talk.
Easily create interactive and dynamic content.
Schedule Visual Radio broadcasts with the integration of ContentAssist Collections.
Entire Stream service remote.