What does the notification "Server .. is down" mean?


When the VisualRadioAssist Server software is down on the local server, it is not possible anymore to use the Control Panel. To solve this, try to get in touch with the Visual Radio manager of the radio station to turn on the server. The manager can solve this problem, using the shortcut at the server.

{warning} A server that did not communicate for at least 30 minutes, is considered as disabled.

What does the notification "Server .. is inactive" mean?


Sometimes a notification is displayed in which the Server is inactive. This can be really annoying, because managing the Server is only possible remotely. Again, try to get in touch with the manager who is required to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Server Management
  2. Click "Activate"

    {info} More information about Server Management? Click here vinden.

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