MICAssist AudioManagement

VisualRadioAssist Server manages all audio channels for the MicAssist that Windows enables. All available audio channels can be found in Settings -> MicAssist -> Audio Management.

Audio management

MICAssist Item

If you go to Software Settings -> MICAssist, you are able to create a MICAssist Item and connect it to your sound card. Look at the Control Panel MICAssist documentatie what the different properties actually mean.

MICAssist Item
Create a MICAssist Item

Number of channels sound card

Are there only 2 different recording channels available in Windows? In case these are stereo channels, you could consider them as 4 different MICAssist audio channels.

When creating or editing a MICAssist in the Server Software you create the 'L' or 'R' instead of 'Stereo'. If you do this, you can use one sound card as an audio channel for two different MICAssist Items.

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