Stream automatically to al your channels.

This guide teaches you how to reach a bigger audience by streaming automatically to multiple channels.


5 Steps to stream your broadcast to multiple channels

  1. Add a channel within "StreamAssist".
  2. Create a name for you channel, choose a service (like Youtube or Twitch) or add a custom RTMP stream URL.
  3. Add the streamkey.
  4. Add authentication information (username/password) if your streamingprovider requires you to do this.
  5. Go OnAir and make sure your channel is activated.

{info} ## Hint!
Use the Automatic OnAir check-button in the ScheduleAssist program -> Advanced settings to stream automatically to your active channels when there is no other program live.

{info} Do you want to know more about streaming? Read the technical documentation

Frequently Asked Questions - Streaming to multiple channels

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