Yehes, VisualRadioAssist! But how to get started..

We made it really easy. Just follow the steps below, explained in both text and video.

3 steps to set up VisualRadioAssist within 10 minutes:


Step 1. Download, install and login the VisualRadioAssist Software.

Step 2. Connect your streamingsoftware to VisualRadioAssist.
Step 3. Connect your radio-automatisering to VisualRadioAssist.

Before we continue.. read carefully:
  1. Get to know how Triggers work within VisualRAdioAssist. The software of VisualRadioAssist is connected through Triggers. With he help of this Trigger explanation, life is getting a lot easier.

  2. Before connecting, installing and understanding other modules, read the guide.

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