Trigger news, weather and/or traffic in VisualRadioAssist.

This guide teaches you how to trigger the news, weather and/or traffic in VisualRadioAssist.


6 Steps to trigger the news, weather and/or traffic

  1. Create an ItemAssist Item via ItemAssist in Control Panel.
  2. Create a name.
  3. Trigger this Item by the AutomationLink with a specific value (type news/weather/traffic/jingle/toth) OR Trigger this Item by a specific date and time.
  4. Connect a TriggerItem that gets activated when the Trigger requirements are met. For an example: The AutomationLink consists of value x OR current date is equal to x.
  5. Choose the duration of the Trigger. By doing this, the Server is blocked to perform other triggers during the duration of the ItemAssist Trigger. For example: this is useful if you want to block microphone triggers from the MICAssist during the ItemAssist Trigger. If you choose for an unlimited duration (0s), other modules could override the ItemAssist Trigger directly.
  6. Save. From now on, the Item gets triggered automatically.

{info} Do you want to know more about triggering the news, weather or traffic? Read the technical documentation

Frequently Asked Questions - Triggering news/weather/traffic

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