Design Visual Content in VisualRadioAssist.

This guide teaches you how to create content in a fast and automatic way. Next to this, it helps you understand how to make content visible during streaming.


8 Steps to design Visual Content

  1. Create a Visual via ContentAssist -> VisualDesigner.
  2. Create a name for the Visual and Check labels in the general properties.
  3. Add multiple elements to fill in your Visual. Think about dynamic ticker texts (with RSS feed integration), the weather forecast or a Cover that is connected directly to the preferred track from the AutomationLink (NPCoverAssist).
  4. You can edit the size by clicking on an added element within the black area.
  5. Do you want to add media (images) to the Visual? Go to Media Management and upload your content. Reload the ContentAssist Designer to insert the image in your Media element and change the size.
  6. Make sure the layers with an element are in the same order in order to show your audience the right layer.
  7. Sidenote: when you save the Visual for the first time, the Visual will be added as a dynamic scene in OBS. We discourage you to edit this scene in OBS, because VisualRadioAssist overwrites this scene automatically.
  8. Choose the Visual as a TriggerItem for your MICAssist, ItemAssist, TriggerPresets and more!

{info} Do you want to know more about designing Visual Content? Read the technical documentation of the ContentAssist or Read the technical documentation of the Visual designer

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